Echo is due any day now!

Invy Star  your foal will be here soon! 

Invy Star at the Champlain Valley Fair 2011

Doc Zephs Cody B Pine Takes Home 1st Place!

Congratulations to Robert Hutchins and Doc Zephs Cody B Pine! 

Please welcome our newest stud

Doc Zephs Cody B Pine  – Pete

2000 Dark Bay Stallion

15.1  Hands

2012 Stud Fee: $350

If you have any questions about Pete please contact us!

Champlain Valley Fair Was a BLAST!

Invy Star, Tin Can Tucker, and Mojo, enjoyed their stay at the Horse Show Center at the Champlian Valley Fair. We met lots of new people and hopefully we got more people interested in riding! Our next stop will be Northwest on Sunday the 11th and don’t forget to stop by at Oliver Seed for the tack sale on Saturday the 10th, we will have lots of show clothes available, as well as tons of tack!