In Loving Memory

Beyond the green pasture and the old oak tree

A place where they can run, be wild and be free

A sunny place where they can watch us below

Could that be the place where all the horses go

The wind blows in the their mane and tails

Grazing on the most delicious hay bales

The horses that have left are safe and sound

Look up and you will still see them all around

In the rainbows and in the blue sky

They gallop away as they say good-bye

Don’t cry for the horses who have left us behind

Let us love and cherish the ones still in our time

By: Renata Branicki


In loving Memory of the horses who have left us behind.

Rainbow Over Arthur – Artie – 1994-2013


Mississippi Mud – Sippi – May 20, 1983 – November 15, 2013