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Renata says:  Our journey began in 2009. Zanna started her lessons on Tucker and was soon moved up to Scotty to learn how to post during the trot. In the spring of 2010 Zanna started riding Buzz. Their connection was instant and we saw how much Zanna loved horses and riding.  Zanna attended her first horse show that summer and trotted away with first place and second place ribbons. Soon after that we decided to lease Buzz…..more

Susan says: I simply cannot not say enough about Erin Longworth and West View Stables. As an adult beginning rider, I was both excited and nervous about returning to riding after a 30 yr hiatus.  At our first meeting Erin instantly set me at ease.more 

Champlain Student Jennifer says: I began riding with Erin in the fall of 2010 through the Champlain College Equestrian Club. I was so happy to learn that a local barn allowed us to come and ride on the weekends. It was actually because of this that I decided to attend Champlain College. I fell in love with West View Stables the first time I went. Erin was so helpful and encouraging to us college kids both with the horses and our future goals…more

Champlain Student Jason says: Erin has instructed me on horseback riding since January, and I have nothing but positive things to say about her. She is very friendly, and strikes a great balance between educating you by pushing you further, while also allowing you to have fun and enjoy the experience. I’d highly recommend her.

Kayla says:  We had my daughters birthday at ELPH last year and it was fantastic. The people were so accommodating and friendly. We got to set up how we chose and the kids had a ball. The horses are so patient and sweet as well. I was told it was the best party ever! I am thinking about doing the party here again. Thank you!