Happy Spring 2013

Happy Spring from ELPH! 

Time to get ready for Show Season!

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Showmanship Clinic

Yesterday’s clinic was a great success. We had 8 people brave the cold to work on their showmanship skills.

We went over how to walk with purpose, trot with the horse at your shoulder and lining up.

Our next Showmanship clinic will be on Saturday March 23, 2013 from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Spring Hill Horse Rescue needs our help

On Tuesday January 15, 2013 Spring Hill Horse Rescue was called for an emergency response to help three horses in dire circumstances in Chittenden County. Two mares and a stallion had been locked in small, dark stalls for many years. They were standing on several feet of built-up manure and were running out of room to stand upright. The bones, hairs and hooves of their former herd mates surrounded them.

There were only three survivors.

These three survivors need our help!

ELPH and of course our new friend Goliath have donated a bale of hay to help feed these incredible survivors. Everyone has been so kind with donating to help Goliath, please show the same compassion with helping these horses who have survived the most dire conditions possible.

Thank you!!

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Goliath went to the vet today 1/21/2013

Goliath has gained 13.1 pounds in one week!!! 

Thank you so much to all of our wonderful supporters…

without your kind hearts and donations this would not have been possible.

Every donation big or small has made a tremendous difference. The proof is on the scale!!!

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Goliath update – January 15, 2013

We just returned from the Milton Veterinary Hospital for Goliath’s check-up.  He is heart worm free, his urine, heart and lungs look good so far. We will get the results from the blood panel Thursday.

Thanks again everyone for the well wishes and the donations.

You can also make a donation directly to the Milton Veterinary Hospital; he is listed under West View Stables.

To make a food donation he is eating Blue Seal Pork and Barley that we get from Oliver Seed.

Current weight is 105 lbs

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