Summer Sizzler 2018

With the temperatures being as hot as they’ve been, we thought we’d offer ONE HOT SUMMER DEAL!

Summer Sizzler!! 

8 Lessons for $220!

This hot deal will only last through the weekend! So, get it while it’s still HOT!!!!

We need your HELP!

ELPH friends and family we need your HELP!  

We were asked to help this poor little (big) guy and just couldn’t say no. He is a 5 year old Great Dane who’s Vermont owner starved him. He is being fostered at ELPH until we can find him a forever home.

He is a very sweet dog and he is getting along well with Lindsay’s two dogs. He is going to the vet tomorrow for a swollen leg and a check up.

We are asking for donations to help with food and vet costs.

Thank you everyone!!

New Year Special 2013

ELPH is offering a super deal to help bring in the New Year!

4 horseback riding lessons for $100! 


 Offer ends on January 31, 2013




You may purchase this great deal by giving Erin or Lindsay cash or check and your account will be credited.

Or use the Paypal button below.

Please send funds as a gift when using paypal or a $5 fee will be added to your purchase to cover the paypal fees.


Offer expires on January 31, 2013

Limit one lesson pack per family

Lessons are for on farm only

Not to be used with any other offers



Do it for the Dogs!

In honor of Daisy, Duke, Brutus and Sheldon. ELPH is participating in a silent auction hosted by All Breed Rescue.


Silent Auction is Saturday November 3 – Saturday November 17, 2012  Bid on 3 lessons with Erin!!!

But please don’t only bid on lessons — be sure to check out the other awesome items up for bid!


Do it for the dogs!

Bid in honor of all of our pups!



Three excited exchange students from China found their way to ELPH

Three excited exchange students from China found their way to ELPH this past Sunday for a horseback ride!

Their Chinese/American names are:

  • Chen Yuhua “Cindy” age 14
  • Yang Shiyi “Betty” age 15
  • Chen Yini “Cora” age 14

The three exchange students are from a large city in China called Chong Qing. They came to Vermont on an exchange program to learn what it is  like to be an American teen, to see the countryside of Vermont, to be able to live in a house, and to eat American food.

The students groomed and tacked up Scotty, Tucker and our newest addition to ELPH Phillip’s horse Joker.

This was their second time horseback riding.  The first experience was home in China.

The students are staying with a family from Winooski, Vermont. Their daughter Rainbow Chen age 14, attends Winooski High school she also rode Joker.


Thank you for the visit ladies – we had a BLAST! Enjoy the rest of your stay in Vermont!