Echo is due any day now!

Invy Star  your foal will be here soon! 

Echo’s foal

 “Who is growing in Echo’s belly?”



  • Everyone can play
  • Only 3 guesses per person (all other guesses will be disqualified)


You must answer the following questions:

  • Sex of the foal – colt or filly
  • Color of the foal – grey, bay…etc
  • How many socks
  • Describe any markings – star, snip..etc
  • What date will the foal come 


The person who guesses CORRECTLY WINS! 





Echo is Pregnant! Way to go Invy Star!

Congratulations Echo and Invy Star!

The foal is due in May of 2012!

We will be following her pregnancy and keeping you all updated and informed on how “Mama” Echo is doing.


In the Spring we will set up some Games – “Guess the Foal” “Guess the Color” “Guess the Size” “Guess the Day” “Guess the Time”


Be sure to congratulate Echo and Invy Star!