Lund Family Celebration – 2015

ELPH spent a gorgeous afternoon at the Champlain Valley Expo giving pony-rides to smiling-laughing, children, teenagers and even to some adults from the Lund Family Center located in Burlington, VT.

Everyone was lining up to ride either Carly, Gracie, Scotty or Tucker. Some kids even ran back in line to ride another horse! A great time was had by all for sure!

Congratulations Lund on celebrating 125 years!!

Champlain Valley Fair Winners 2013!

Did you hear who won our free camp day/riding lesson?!?!?!

A horse on the phone - news from the horses mouth The winners are…….

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Joker’s new friend Emily

4 year old Emily met Joker at the Champlain Valley Fair, and she came in today for her first lesson!

Great Job Emily! You were a natural!  


VHSA open show September 23, 2012

 Check out how much fun we had!

Poli, Artie, Theo and Levi’s debut at the fair 2012

Poli, Artie, Theo and Levi all spent the day at the fair yesterday and they were a huge hit!


Special comments that we heard throughout the day:

Poli“What a good looking stud”, “What a nice stallion” ,”WOW, he’s a stallion?” (in reference to how gentle he is)

Theo“How adorable”, “he is so sweet”, “what a nice pony”

Artie“He is huge”, He is so tall”, “He is so handsome”

Levi“He is so beautiful”, “He is so big”, “He is so handsome”


Thank you to Wanda and Jen for helping out for the day!