Horse Show Checklist

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Horse Show Dates 2024

ELPH’s Current List of Horse Show Dates 2024

April 12-14 – AQHA Novice Show, Northampton Mass

May 2-5 – AQHA MassQHA, Springfield Mass

May 17-19 – AQHA, Shaticoke NY

June 2 – Northwest, Fairfax VT

June 8 – VHSA Aspen Farm, Jericho VT

June 16 – Northwest, Fairfax VT

June 20-23 – AQHA, Sorel QC

July 15-21 – AQHA R6, Springfield Mass

July 21 – Northwest, Fairfax VT

July 28 – VHSA, Lamoille Fairgrounds VT

August 4 – VHSA Crosswind Farm, Milton VT

August 22-25 – AQHA , Deerfield NH

September 1 – VHSA Fair Show, Essex VT

September 7 – VHSA Aspen, Jerchio VT

September 22 – Northwest, Fairfax VT

Show Season 2016

April 15-17  – AQHA/Open Novice show  at Three County Fairgrounds – Northampton MA –  Friday 15th — Sunday 17th

May 21-22 – CVHS Open Show – at Addison Fair Grounds  – Saturday 21st – Sunday 22nd

May 27-29 – CVMHA Open Show – at Clinton County Fairgrounds, Plattsburgh, NY – Friday 27th – Sunday 29th

June 10-11 –  CVHS Open Show/AQHA – Addison Fair Grounds  – Friday 10th – Saturday 11th 

June 23-26 – AQHA Sorel Canada at Centre Multifonctionnel Richardson –  Thursday 23rd – Sunday 26th 

July 21-24 – AQHA Sorel Canada at Centre Multifonctionnel Richardson –  Thursday 21st – Sunday 24th

August 20-21 CVHS Open Show/AQHA – Addison Fair Grounds  – Saturday 20th – Sunday 21st 

Sept 10-11 CVHS Open Show – Addison Fair Grounds  – Saturday 10th – Sunday 11th

Horse Show Checklist

<a href=””><img class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-9539″ src=”” alt=”checklist” width=”288″ height=”276″ /></a>Packing for horse shows can take a lot of preparation.  Make sure you have everything you need before your first show!<!–mep-nl–><!–mep-nl–>ELPH has a Horse Show Checklist to help keep you organized and to help make things a little easier for you; whether you are showing locally or showing at a week long show. This list has everything you may need for you and for your horse.<!–mep-nl–><!–mep-nl–>Print this list out for every horse show..<!–mep-nl–><!–mep-nl–><strong><a href=””>ELPH Horse Show Checklist</a></strong>

Show Season 2015

Show Season 2015

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