Merry Christmas Everyone!

Please enjoy this beautiful heart-felt video made by Kacy Laberge.


Thank you Kacy!

Claire and Mr Pine Bar Diamond with Trainer Erin at the World Show 2011


Congratulations Claire, Erin and Mr. Pine Bar Diamond!  

Watch Claire and Mr Pine Bar Diamond in their Trail Class at the AQHA World Show 2011

Claire with her horse Mr. Pine Bar Diamond performing their trail class at the AQHA World Show 2011.


What a great run Claire and Goober!!!


Watch the World’s Show Live!

Watch Claire and Goober’s trail class! They are 40th in line and their number is 2058!


Another Qualifier for the Worlds Show!

Congratulations to Danielle Teehan and Hotter Than Fire on their qualification in HUS for the world show.