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Mikayla Wilber






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We are home!

Thank you everyone for all of your well wishes, kind words and support.  Greg and I greatly appreciate it.  Ryan is our beautiful little champ!

 ***Lessons will resume on Saturday August 4, 2012*** — until then we are laying low and spending some quality time with our new little one.

If you have any problems please contact Bruce or Wanda.




Champlain College Equestrian Club

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with 6 wonderful College students from Champlain College. The students have joined our Equestrian Club that we offer here at Erin Longworth Performance Horses. The students get to experience hands-on what life is like at our barn. They help with basic everyday chores such as mucking stalls, turning horses in and out, watering, and feeding.  Our Club is for every level; for students who have never seen a horse before to the students who have been taking lessons for years.

Laura rode Artie, Devry rode Tucker, Angela rode Scotty, Nichole rode Luka, Ashley rode Chipper, and Jenn is on Goose.

If you attend Champlain College and you would like to join our Equestrian Club please contact us!

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

Happy Thanksgiving everyone have a safe and wonderful Holiday!

Lessons will resume on Friday.

**Only a few spots left for Black Friday Horse Camp – if you are interested please contact us!

Fall Pony Camp

I wanted to thank you all for sharing your wonderful children with us! WE had sooooo much fun at Fall Pony Camp!  Everyone did such a great job riding “their” horse. We learned how to walk, have a proper seat, how to hold the reins, halt, turn and play a game on horseback called Command. Some even started trotting! We explored the horses anatomy, learned what the tack was called, difference between the horses gaits and how to care for a horse. The children made beautiful art projects. I think the favorite one was the Horse Bookmark!

Some of our most cherished moments:

  • Aimee getting stuck in the mud and tacking up all by herself!
  • Emily walking, steering and stopping on her own while riding Tucker!
  • Hope for being super brave and riding Buzzy! Giggling the whole time!
  • Emma getting Tucker out of the pasture, carrying that heavy western saddle all by herself and getting Tucker to trot!
  • Payton walking on Mojo!
  • Taylor walking, steering and stopping on her own while riding Artie!
  • Charlotte riding Axel…begging to go “faster”!
  • Dylan riding Axel and yelling “YEE-HAW”!
  • Rianna for being super brave while riding Buzzy and learning how to halt!
I wanted to give a huge thanks to Katelyn, Jackie, Becky, Susan, Karen, Jenn, Amy, Jenna and Zanna  for helping out! 

I look forward to seeing everyone taking lessons throughout the Winter. Spring Pony Camp will be full of trotting little girls~  

If you have any questions regarding Pony camps or lessons please contact us!