Fall Pony Camp

I wanted to thank you all for sharing your wonderful children with us! WE had sooooo much fun at Fall Pony Camp!  Everyone did such a great job riding “their” horse. We learned how to walk, have a proper seat, how to hold the reins, halt, turn and play a game on horseback called Command. Some even started trotting! We explored the horses anatomy, learned what the tack was called, difference between the horses gaits and how to care for a horse. The children made beautiful art projects. I think the favorite one was the Horse Bookmark!

Some of our most cherished moments:

  • Aimee getting stuck in the mud and tacking up all by herself!
  • Emily walking, steering and stopping on her own while riding Tucker!
  • Hope for being super brave and riding Buzzy! Giggling the whole time!
  • Emma getting Tucker out of the pasture, carrying that heavy western saddle all by herself and getting Tucker to trot!
  • Payton walking on Mojo!
  • Taylor walking, steering and stopping on her own while riding Artie!
  • Charlotte riding Axel…begging to go “faster”!
  • Dylan riding Axel and yelling “YEE-HAW”!
  • Rianna for being super brave while riding Buzzy and learning how to halt!
I wanted to give a huge thanks to Katelyn, Jackie, Becky, Susan, Karen, Jenn, Amy, Jenna and Zanna  for helping out! 

I look forward to seeing everyone taking lessons throughout the Winter. Spring Pony Camp will be full of trotting little girls~  

If you have any questions regarding Pony camps or lessons please contact us!

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