ELPH Family 2013

ELPH FamilyThis year has been filled with many ups and downs and I believe Michelle captured these moments very well in her video.

Thank you again to all of our fabulous clients. We truly are an exceptional family and that means a great deal to us.


*Special thanks to Michelle Paya for creating this astounding video and thank you to Dave McCoy, Marlon Branicki, Jim Rogers and everyone else with a cell phone for digitally capturing our moments and memories.


I give you the ELPH Family 2013 —-> HERE IS THE VIDEO!  Enjoy!!!! 


New Year Special 2013

ELPH is offering a super deal to help bring in the New Year!

4 horseback riding lessons for $100! 


 Offer ends on January 31, 2013




You may purchase this great deal by giving Erin or Lindsay cash or check and your account will be credited.

Or use the Paypal button below.

Please send funds as a gift when using paypal or a $5 fee will be added to your purchase to cover the paypal fees.


Offer expires on January 31, 2013

Limit one lesson pack per family

Lessons are for on farm only

Not to be used with any other offers