Congratulations to Abbie Whitten and Invy Star

Abbie is leasing our Invy Star.


Watch out for these two in the show ring in 2013!







New horses listed for sale!

 Repeated with a Kiss – Hershey 



 Class Act – Jenny — also available for full or half lease




Pic coming soon!        The Perfect Surprise – Lucy – also available for full or half lease


New horses up for lease!

 Class act -Jenny — available for full or half lease  – on farm or off farm to approved barns only!



Wylie — available for half lease on farm only — owner will continue to ride and show him

Hunter Pony for half lease

Carmel Crunch “Theo” he is for half lease he has been shown hunters is beginner safe and is a great pony for anyone. He is only available for half lease. Owner will continue to ride and show him as well.

For more information about Theo please contact us!

Hunter Jumper Show Pony For Half Lease

My Kinda Guy (aka Buzz)

Is available for an on-farm lease only. He is a 13-hand hunter jumper show pony. He needs an intermediate rider. His walk, trot, and canter are very comfortable and he can jump up to 2.6 ft. He also has a very graceful flying lead change. Stands very well on cross ties, easy to tack and un-tack. Has a wonderful attitude/disposition. He isn’t your typical pony! He is very well behaved and loves to work. Owner will still be riding him and showing him during show season 2011.

Half lease will be $250 a month with a required weekly lesson by the stable-owner/trainer. (Not included in the $250)
Your child will be able to ride 3 days a week plus lesson.
You may also show him during show season.

Owner will take care of farrier, vet, and insurance.