Need volunteers for Halloween Party!

Hey Everyone!

Erin and I (Renata) are planning on throwing a super spooky Halloween party at the barn this year! Party will be on Saturday Oct 13 starting at 2:00pm until dark… SAVE THE DATE!!!

I am looking for volunteers (doing something rewarding without getting paid) I really really want to set up a spooky haunted house area in the barn, but I need man/woman power! So invite your family and friends to help!!

I need people to help set up, bring in decorations and dress up in costume so we can hide and scare the children!

I would ideally like to set up Friday and Saturday morning.

I saved everything from last years party… decorations, games..etc. but would love other ideas if anyone has any:)

Items I would love to use—anyone have the following we can borrow or are willing to buy:

*lots of webs
*costumes and material to dress up the horses and stalls
*body parts — that are not bloody nightmare material — handmade scare crow type stuff
*lots of ghosts — we can make these out of white garbage bags
*lots of pumpkins
*lots of glow sticks (much safer than candles)
*Lots of scarecrows — we can make these
*bottles and jars filled with weird things
*dry ice maker
*signs with spooky stuff written on them — we can make these
*glow in the dark paints and items
*black lights
*cauldron — maybe we can make one?
*large boxes — like appliance boxes for coffins
*PVC pipe to make a cage for a spooky prisoner — we can make this
*eerie lighting

Please let me know what you have so we can start planning this spooktastic party!

I will also need some fellow crafty people to help me make stuff smile

Please remember to also make a spooky dish to share!

Thanks everyone!!!

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