The benefits of leasing a horse


Many of you have asked what the benefits are for leasing a horse.

So here it is…

Leasing is a smaller commitment when compared to owning your own horse. When you lease a horse you have all of the benefits of owning a horse just not all of the responsibilities and expenses that comes along with horse ownership.

  1. You are able to ride the horse 3-6 days a week depending on if you half lease or full lease.
  2. Riding more often will help forge the bond and trust between you and the horse.
  3. You will build your confidence and your skill level with every passing hour in the saddle.
  4. If your child out grows their pony and needs to move on to a horse.
  5. If your child is in high school and plans on moving away for college. Leasing is the perfect option.
  6. Spending time at the barn not only with the horse but with fellow riders and friends.


Leasing with ELPH:

Half Lease: Rider can ride 3 times a week and is not responsible for any further expenses and the fee includes 4 lessons a month. Horse will still be used in our lesson program.

  • Month to month lease fee – $400

Full lease: Must pay full board and all expenses plus a annual lease fee. May ride 6 days a week and horse will not be used in lessons or have any other riders.

  • Annual lease fees – $1000-$2500 – depending on the horse being leased.

Horses that are available for lease

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