Cyber Deals!

Phillip ELPH is offering 2 incredible deals for Cyber Week! Why, because ELPH is AWESOME!


***These deals have expired***

Deal #1  Private lessons 

3 one-hour private lessons for the price of 2! That’s a savings of $75!

Receive one-on-one time from our incredibly talented trainers.

After each private lesson you will receive a 15 minute consult with your trainer, where you can discuss your personal goals for both you and your horse, optimal show circuits, skills to work on before your next lesson, etc. This is a great opportunity for people to trailer in their own horse (or use one of our existing lesson horses) and get their skills to the next level before show season begins .

This deal would also benefit someone who has never been on a horse but has always wanted to try it out. Having one-on-one time will help ease those nerves and help build your confidence in the saddle. The 15 minute consult afterwards could be used for Q&A, additional critiquing, goals discussion, etc.

BUY NOW: 3 private one-hour lessons for $150 (Regular Price $225.00):



Deal #2 Group Lessons

5 one-hour group lessons for the price of 3! That’s an $80 savings for FIVE hours of instruction!

This deal is open to both new and existing clients!

New clients will have the opportunity to watch our trainers demonstrate the differences between different riding disciplines (English vs. Western). You’ll then have a chance to decide which discipline you’d like to try; mix and match as you see fit!

Existing clients can use this as an opportunity to save some serious coin towards preparing you for the upcoming show season.

BUY NOW: 5 one-hour group lessons for $120 (Regular Price $200.00)

What a deal!

These two deals are too good to pass up! Come ride with 2 of the best trainers in the State of Vermont. Both trainers have been riding since they could walk. Erin has been a professional trainer for nearly 15 years; sharing her skills, talent, and knowledge with all of her clients. Lindsay has been a professional trainer for nearly 10 years, focusing her skills on teaching proper techniques to beginners and teaching the intermediate riders how to jump.


Limits (yes, there are some)

Rule # 1: Limit one of each deal per person maximum.

Rule # 2: These deals can be gifted; please make sure the recipient of your gift didn’t already buy the same package for themselves. See Rule # 1.

Rule # 3: Once purchased, the lessons must be completely used by December 5th, 2014, otherwise the remaining lessons will expire.

Rule # 4: Have fun!





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