Winter Clinics start November 9, 2013

Michelle and Winston Time to start our Winter Clinics at ELPH!

We will be having a Showmanship clinic and a Equitation/Horsemanship Clinic on Saturday November 9th starting at 11:00am

These clinics will be a little different than our past clinics. Only 10 spots are available per clinic.

Each Clinic is $35 or you may attend both for $55. YOU must pay ahead of time to save your spot! Please contact Erin for more details. You may use your own horse or you may use one of ours. But please contact Erin if you need to use one of our lesson horses.


Showmanship A starts at 11:00am (only 5 people)

Showmanship B starts at 12:00pm (only 5 people)


Equitation/Horsemanship A starts at 2:00pm (only 5 people)

Equitation/Horsemanship B starts at 3:00pm (only 5 people)


At 3:30 we will have a mini potluck — so please feel free to bring some food! Such as baked goods, main dishes, drinks or snacks.



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