The end of Show Season 2013

ELPH had a very successful season this year! Lots of ribbons and trophies for everyone.

This year was a big year for many of our clients as many of you had new horses this season!


Congratulations to our ELPH TEAM! WE are all so proud of  you!

Zanna Branicki with Big

Jenni Browe with Lucy

Taylor Danforth with Radio

Annie Desautels with Indy

Lisa Frett with Tucker

Kevin Frett with Scotty

Dylan Gotez with Chipper

Susan Gotez with Dizzy

Sarah Grimm with Secret

Phillip Longworth with Tucker

Colton Longworth Foss with Maggie

Laurel Moffat with Maggie

Emily Pallas with Hemi

Sam Pallas with Splash

Amy Parent with Dex

Breezy Parent with Cam

Michelle Paya with Winston

AJ Rich with Willow

Amy Rogers with Hank

Jenna Rogers with Carly

Holly Reed with Sam

Tracy Reed with Kandie-Sam

Mikayla Wilber with Axel-JD



Thank you everyone for such a great season!  We are looking forward to 2014!

Remember to keep those hours in the Saddle!!!

**Special thanks to Marlon Branicki and Dave McCoy for capturing some great moments this season!

*Michelle and Winston Mikayla with JD Emily with HemiAmy with DexLaurel with MaggieZanna with Big Amy with HankAnnie with IndyTaylor with Radio



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