ELPH the Balloon Chasers….

We were just finishing up our lessons for the day when we spotted a hot-air balloon that was traveling super low near the pastures. Our ELPH gang waved and shouted “Hi” to the travelers in the air.

The balloon was heading towards the back fields as they did not want to land near the horses. Erin hopped on her 4-wheeler and chased down the balloon!

Once the balloon landed they asked for a helping hand; they needed to be towed out of the tall grass.

With the balloon in tow Dylan hopped on for a ride as Erin pulled the balloon out of the meadow. When the balloon was out of the field the ELPH gang helped pack-up the balloon while learning some history about ballooning. During which a very romantic proposal took place with the passengers that were on the hot-balloon! And… she said YES! We all were able to celebrate with a toast of champagne.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Thank you to U-Ken-Do Balloon rides for a fun and exciting evening at ELPH!

Feel free to land in our fields any day.






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