Summer Horse Camp June 24, 2013

What a hot and busy day at ELPH camp today!

The campers started their morning off with a quick chore and watched quick demonstration (horse-leg-wrap removal) ! Once the wraps were put away we went on a morning hike with two ponies, Joker and Splash. We hiked up the muddy trails and enjoyed the view at the top for a few minutes.

After watching  a quick barrel racing demo given by Mikayla and Emily (the demo worked up our appetites, so we had our snack while we watched), we tacked up Buddy, Buzzy, Splash and Joker for our campers to ride.

We worked on mounting, steering, walking, and stopping by playing fun games such as 4-corners, red light-green light, and Simon Says. 

After our morning ride we had lunch at the picnic tables…. then it was time for some water fun! We pulled out the sprinkler and water toys. When everyone was finally cooled off we headed back to the picnic tables for our craft. Today we made summer charm bracelets and necklaces.


After our craft it was time for our second ride of the day. We retrieved the ponies, then groomed, tacked, and rode them in the indoor arena.

We played our games again to help learn how to steer, walk, and stop. Taking it up a notch, we placed cones and trot poles in the arena and steered around and over them!

See you all tomorrow for another fun-filled ELPH camp day!


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