Spring Clean-up 2013

Did we have fun or what?!

Thank you to everyone who attended our annual Spring Clean-up and BBQ. 

We were able to get a lot accomplished; we removed the winter cob-webs, dust and dirt. Washed the horses winter blankets, cleaned all of the tack-rooms, cleaned the schooling tack and grooming brushes. Also both indoors look fantastic!

After we spent our morning cleaning up — it was time for a little fun!

The kids all decided to “wash” the bouncy house and each other?! I think the bouncy house is still full of bubbles!

We played games including badminton, lacrosse, wiffle ball and the children made their own little game  jumping over the jumps in the outdoor arena.

The food of course was delicious – thank you to everyone who brought a dish!

After the BBQ some people grabbed their horses and lesson horses and went for a beautiful late afternoon ride.

We will plan on having another BBQ after show season.

Let’s have a fantastic season!




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