Equine Heroes

A horse teaches us everything we need to know about ourselves.  We all know how much they mean to us individually.  For some they are loyal companions, friends, mentors, and even pets.

For ELPH they simply mean everything to us.

Yesterday afternoon, we received a phone call from a vet clinic asking for help. They needed equine blood. A lot of blood to help save a fellow equine.

After only losing our beloved Arthur last month — ELPH did not hesitate to help; we loaded Dancer (Erin’s 30 year old show horse) and Hemi (lesson horse) on to the trailer and headed over to the clinic.

Both horses made their blood donation. Dancer came home last night and Hemi spent the night at the clinic just in case they needed another donation of blood.

Let this be a reminder for us to donate blood to help out others. Blood banks are always looking for donors, you could be a hero just by giving a pint of your blood.

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