Spring Camp update for March 2013

Our camp day starts out with chores. We have been teaching the children the proper techniques used to muck out the stalls …well scoop horse poop!

At first, the children were a bit disgusted by the sight and smell of the manure, and now they ask if they can scoop the poop out of the stinkiest stalls.






After chores we have a quick snack and warm-up in the heated tack room. While the children finish their snacks, I set-up for our craft project for the day.

Some of our favorite crafts include painting the bird houses and making the Pom-pom bunny.

Once we have finished our snack and craft  — it is time to ride!

The children groom the horses and learn about each brush used and its purpose. While they are grooming, I tell the children the different body parts of the horse. We have also talked about the different tack pieces and what they are called while we tack up the horses.

Once the horses are all tacked and ready to go, we head down to the indoor arena to ride.

The children have been working on mounting, steering, stopping, and dismounting. Some children had even trotted a little and rode on their own.  All of the children have shown a great interest in taking riding lessons.  To schedule your lessons please contact us.

For the month of April, we will start working on new chores, and start introducing how to take apart the tack, and put it back together. Plus we will learn how to care for the tack, and how to properly clean the tack for a horse show.

Hopefully it will warm up soon, so we can learn how to bathe a horse!


I would like to thank the parents for bringing your children to ELPH Spring camp. I have had a blast getting to know them for the past 5 weeks. I look forward to watching them grow into little equestrians as they spend more hours in the saddle.

We are now taking deposits for Summer Camp!

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