Happy 11th Birthday Bailee!


Happy 11th Birthday to Bailee!  

Today we celebrated Bailee’s 11th birthday at ELPH with the help of Tucker, Scotty, Joker, Buzzy, Splash and Buddy.

We started the party with cake then the children each helped groom the horses. After a quick detour to meet the foals, Invy Star, and the chickens (searched for chicken eggs), we headed down to the indoor arena for some riding fun!

Each child was able to ride their own horse and some even swapped with their friends and tried other horses. Bailee’s Dad saw how much fun they were having and he took a ride on Tucker. Then another Mom came down from the heated party room and hopped on Buddy! Everyone had a wonderful time!

**if you have photos from this party and you would like to share them please contact us!


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