Halloween Party 2012

Our Halloween party was a great success!

We had witches, a pirate, a ninja, cowboys, cowgirls, skeletons, zombies, a koala bear, Minnie Mouse, Charlie Brown, a dolphin, a monkey, a wizard, and even a giant peacock running around the barn.

The children participated in many games throughout the day while earning lots of delicious candy and prizes such as glow sticks and pencils.

Some of the games included:

  • Pumpkin hunt — children ran around the barn searching for 110 pumpkin cut-outs.
  • Witch scavenger hunt — the older children had 15 hats to find by unscrambling the clues.
  • Ghost scavenger hunt — the younger children had to find 15 ghosts by solving the riddles.
  • Eyeball relay race — children formed into teams and ran from one end of the arena to the other while balancing a eyeball on a spoon.
  • Mummy relay race — the children wrapped each other up in toilet paper and raced each other to the other side of the arena.
  • Giant spider web — we stood in a huge circle in the indoor arena and threw black yarn back and forth forming a huge spider web.
  • Donut eating contest — the children gobbled up the donuts as fast as possible. Our winner— Lena!

Everyone had such a great time!

The snacks were delicious thank you to everyone who brought in something to share!

Thank you to everyone who helped decorate and clean up!


*special thanks to Becca Donaldson for letting us use her family’s wooden graveyard*


Up next our Christmas party!!! Tentative date is Saturday December 15, 2012 …


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