Pony Camp April 28 2012

Our last day of spring pony camp was a COLD DAY!

The children all pushed through the cold bitter morning doing their barn chores. We kept stopping into the tack room or the huge sawdust pile to warm up!

Once the chores were finished; we decided to relax and watch a movie in the heated tack room while snacking on popcorn. We watched the movie called Felicity An American Girl Adventure. The movie is about Felicity Merriman and Elizabeth Cole they are best friends growing up in colonial Virginia. Felicity saves a horse from her neighbor who isn’t very kind to the horse. The children all loved the movie!

After the movie we had lunch in the heated tack room to stay warm!

Once we cleaned up after lunch the children made their craft. We made backpack clips using string and horse charms.

Around 1:30 it was finally warm enough to get the horses and tack up!!

We set up a trail course with a lot of different patterns:

  • Weaving through cones
  • Trotting over poles
  • Walking through and backing up through a set of poles
  • Cutting across the diagonal to different letters while trotting or walking
  • Circling around and backing up

We even had a few extra minutes to play Red light, green light.


*Special thanks to Mikayla for helping

*Special thanks to all of the Mom’s and Dad’s for sharing your incredibly sweet, fun, brave horse loving children with us!

SEE You at Summer Camp!

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