Pony Camp April 21 2012

Another beautiful day!

We started our day picking up rocks in the outdoor arena. The girls teamed up and started cleaning up the rocks on the outside of the ring and worked their way into the center of the arena. They filled the wheelbarrow twice! The girls picked their favorite rocks and launched them into the woods, giggling the whole time. After cleaning up the outdoor the children headed inside for their weekly barn chores. The children mucked stalls, cleaned water buckets and filled them up with fresh water. They even placed fresh bedding into the stalls for the horses. The children have become so fast and efficient they are able to clean 10 stalls in 45 minutes!

After chores the children headed outside to gather the horse they wanted to ride. We spent some extra time grooming the horses, they were all pretty muddy! Once groomed the children tacked up their horse and we headed down to the indoor arena. The children were able to free ride so they could practice steering, trotting and some are even working on cantering! We were able to ride for over 90 minutes. After riding the horses were un-tacked and brought back outside to enjoy the sun.

Next up lunch! The children were able to enjoy their horse cookies by CookieDoodlez.

After lunch we started our craft project. We decorated purple tote bags! The children really enjoyed placing the stickers, drawing and creating their very own personalized tote!

Our lesson for the day was learning the parts of the English and Western Bridles; we also went over the different types of bits the horses use.

Before pick-up we had a few extra minutes to make sure all tack and brushes were put away.


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