Pony Camp April 14 2012

We had a bright Sunny day!

Before starting our morning chores the girls divided themselves up into groups and assigned each other to different stalls and within each group they figured out who was completing what task. Morning chores were completed rather quickly thanks to team work!

Once the chores were completed, the children went out to the pastures to get their horses. Horses were groomed and tacked within 30 minutes and we headed outside to ride since it was a beautiful day.

The girls soon realized how different it was riding outside. They not only had to deal with the sun, wind, and distractions; but they soon found out that the outdoor arena is huge! So lots of endurance was needed to make it around the entire arena. We spent an extra 30 minutes riding outside because it was so gorgeous out.

After our ride we un-tacked the horses and put them back into their pastures.

We ate our lunch outside on our new picnic tables and ate our yummy horse cookies by Cookiedoodlez.

After lunch, we went on a hike in search for rocks. The children searched high and low for the perfect rock to paint and decorate.

While on our hike one of the boarders Beth took her horse Sherman out for a trail ride. The children were so excited and it was a great experience for them to see a horse outside of the arena doing ring work. They tracked Sherman’s hoof marks and followed the same path.

With arms full of rocks and they were ready to paint!

We painted the rocks outside on the picnic tables. After the rocks were painted the campers covered their hands with paint and made hand-prints all over the tables.

After our craft the campers helped out with Daisy Troop 30074  from South Burlington.  The Daisy’s saved up their cookie money to spend the afternoon with ELPH!

Our first task was a little scavenger hunt – Find the missing blue bell boot! The campers and Daisy’s were paired up and they ran up and down the hills searching for the missing bell boot. Within minutes the boot was found! TEAM WORK!

We headed inside to teach our Daisy’s some horse anatomy and proper grooming techniques. It was a great review for our campers and they had a blast teaching the Daisy’s!

*Special thanks to Cookiedoodlez for the delicious horse cookies!

*Special thanks to all of my campers for helping with the Daisy Troop!

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