Pony Camp April 7 2012

Happy Easter!

The pony campers were all very excited to see all of the Easter Eggs hiding all over the barn while they were working on their chores! Our chores consisted of  mucking out some stalls, emptying/washing water buckets and adding fresh water. Once the stalls were cleaned the girls went into the back barn to shovel some fresh horse bedding into the wheel barrows. When their wheelbarrows were  full they climbed to the top of the mountain of shavings to have a little fun.

We then rounded up our horses and began grooming and tacking. Heading down into the arena the girls were all keeping a close eye on all of those “hidden” and colorful eggs!

The arena was very busy (we were joined by a few other folks such as Danielle Teehan who started riding with Erin when she was 7 years old – for a total of 17 years this year – and she is currently attending Tufts University for Veterinary Medicine) which was a great opportunity for the children to watch experienced riders, learn how to pass properly, and to keep a safe distance from other riders and their horses.

After riding the children brought the horses back to their pastures and we headed to the tack -room for lunch. We ate our very colorful pony cookies made by Cookiedoodlez.  During lunch I took the opportunity to:

  • Review a list of barn rules that keep us all safe.
  • Tell some horse stories and I gave the campers a chance to share some of theirs (show stories, favorite movies, etc).

Next up was our Easter Egg hunt! We hid 455 candy filled Easter Eggs all over the barn! The girls had a blast finding all of the eggs! SO MUCH CANDY! After the hunt we sat down and gave the girls some special Easter treats.

We went back into the tack-room for craft time. We painted Easter Eggs with go0gly eyes.  While the crafts were drying we found Chloe being groomed on the cross-ties and asked her “Mom”, Danielle Teehan, if we could use Chloe for our horse-anatomy review; she was thrilled and excited to do so! Danielle was also generous enough to take the time to answer the girls’ anatomy questions.

Before pick-up we were able to tidy-up the barn, starting in the tack-room where the campers reorganized the saddles, girths and bridles!


*Special thanks to Cookiedoodlez for the delicious horse cookies!

*Special thanks to Aimee for bringing in some yummy Easter cookies!

*Thank you Danielle for letting us use Chloe for our lesson! She is such a sweetheart!

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