Pony Camp March 17 2012

Finally, we had some sunshine today! What a beautiful day.

We started our morning off picking rocks out of the outdoor arena and launching them into the woods. While exploring the outdoor in search for the rocks, the girls found a 2 HUGE rocks! After rock hunting we cleaned stalls and had a mini wheelbarrow ride.  

During our morning ride the children did some free riding and played follow the leader.

Next up was lunch, and we ate our delicious horse cookies made by Cookiedoodlez. After lunch we sat down for our craft. The children decorated flower pots with horse charms, stickers and markers.  After the craft the girls went into Buzz’s pasture to get him for our afternoon lesson on anatomy.  We reviewed the major body parts and the parts of the head. The new lesson was learning the different parts of the legs. Which consist of: point of shoulder, shoulder, arm, forearm, elbow, chestnut, knee, cannon bone, tendons, fetlock joint, pastern, coronary band, hoof, stifle, gaskin and the hock.  

After our lesson the girls were able to experience riding bareback on Buzzy. They rode outside in the sun and discussed how different it felt riding without a saddle.

We tacked up the horses again for some more free riding in the indoor arena. Overall, we had a great day. It was warm, the children were able to experiences new challenges and we had a blast doing it!

*Special thanks to Cookiedoodlez for the delicious horse cookies! The children loved them!

*Special thanks to Savannah for making everyone a beautiful shamrock to help celebrate St Patrick’s Day!

To view more photos of camp click here  To learn more about pony camp





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