Stolen Horse

I found this on Craigslist.  I am hoping we can all keep our eyes open for this beautiful guy. Let’s help spread the word and bring him home to his “Mama”

Stolen Please HELP!!!!! 79 weeks ago today Mayito my black and white Paso Fino Stallionwas taken from his pasture in Clinton Mo. Its been 79 weeks of agony for me. . .. I have searched and searched. . .Posted and Pleaded anywhere and every where I can possibly think of.. I have begged the News Media and still NO MAYITO. . . Mayito is a member of my family and always will be. He has a long thick mane and forelock, four white legs, a large triangle shape star and a large snip that goes down his lip. . . he was 16 years old when they stole him. . . he is coming 18 this year. . . he has a beautiful Paso Fino gait.. He is the kind of horse that will make you go WOW!!!! He’s my sweet boy.. Mayito is aprox 14 hands. . . and has more of a narrow build.. He has his own face book page. . . and he has his own you tube video

Join him on face book post his information on your pages. . . please help me bring my boy home. . . I will never give up.. I dream of the day I can once again wrap my arms around his beautiful neck and hug him. . . I miss him. . .he is all I think about day in and day out.. People say the pain will subside. . . it hasn’t. . . its still just as heart wrenching as it was when I went to his pasture and discovered he was gone. . . Please if you know anything. . . there is a REWARD offered for him. . . PLEASE. . .. HELP!!!
Here is Mayitos link to his Netposse flyer.. You can print his flyer and post it around your town. . .

Horse theft is not a thing of the past it happens more and more every day. . . I have learned the hard way. . . please protect your loved ones. . . think about micro chipping and freeze branding. . .. The THIEF does not care how much your horse means to you.. All they care about is how much they can get out of it. . . they don’t care if your horse goes to a good home. . . or a home at all. . . they just want that quick buck. . . I pray Mayito is still alive. . . I pray that he is being fed. . . I pray he comes home. . ..

Bless you
Bernice McClellan


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