Pony Camp March 10 2012

The children were all such troopers! They braved the freezing temperatures to spend the day at the barn!

We kicked off our morning cleaning stalls and warming up in the Sun for a few minutes. After the stalls were clean the children went into the indoor arena to build their very own trail course. They discussed, planned and mapped out how they wanted the course to be set up. The children worked together placing the different obstacles according to their plan. Once the course was set up the children went outside and picked out which horse they wanted to ride.

During our morning ride the children did some free riding and tested their trail course.

The trail course consisted of:

  1. Opening a gate
  2. Picking up a spoonful of dirt from a barrel
  3. Balancing the spoonful of dirt while weaving through cones
  4. Going around barrels
  5. Dumping the remaining dirt into a cup
  6. Trotting over trot poles
  7. And trotting home!

Next up was lunch, and after lunch we sat down for our craft. The children made horse door hangers of their own design using foam markers, foam farm stickers and heart stickers. After the craft we had Buzz in the cross ties to help with our lesson. We reviewed the major body parts that we learned last week and the new lesson was learning the different parts of the head. Which consist of: Poll, mane, crest, face, forelock, muzzle, chin, groove, cheek, jaw and throttle.

After the lesson we drove Mojo! The children learned the different parts of the harness that was placed on Mojo and went for a carriage ride. They were able to experience the different gaits while driving: walk, trot and road trot!

A special thank you to Becky and Mojo! We had a wonderful time driving.

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