Pony Camp March 3 2012

The children had a blast today at camp!

What better way to start your morning off than mucking stalls?!  Each child had their very own stall to clean! They had to scoop the poop, wash and refill water buckets, and add fresh saw-dust to the stalls. After chores the children picked their horses and we started grooming. Once the horses were cleaned up and the children were covered in hair we tacked the horses up and headed down to the indoor arena.

During our morning ride the children played many different games on horseback such as command (like Simon Says), red-light-green-light, a barrel pattern and we even set up a trail course for them. The trail course consisted of:

  1. Opening a gate
  2. Going through a chute
  3. Picking up a bucket
  4. Going around barrels
  5. Weaving in and out of cones
  6. Trotting over trot poles
  7. Phew!

Next up was lunch, and after lunch we sat down for our craft. The children made horse t-shirts of their own design out of puffy fabric paints and markers. We began our lesson while the shirts were put out to dry. Today’s lesson was on horse anatomy. With the help of our horse friend JD, the children learned the location of a horse’s major body parts: withers, back, loin, croup, dock, point of buttocks, buttocks, sheath, flank, hindquarters, barrel, belly and chest!

After the lesson we tacked the horses back up for some free riding and we went through the trail course again!

Thank you all for making the first Pony Camp of 2012 a major success!

To view more photos of camp click here  To learn more about pony camp



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