Northwest Open Show on June 23, 2013

The following ladies and gentleman and horses attended the Northwest Open Show on June 23, 2013  in Fairfax, Vermont

Click here to view photos of the show:

Congratulations Everyone!


Rachel Bombadier with A Certain Attraction

Zanna Branicki with The Big Country

Jenni Browe with The Perfect Surprise

Taylor Danforth with Seek A Hot Blaze

Lisa Frett with Tin Can Tucker

Sarah Grimm with Scotch Bars Star

Dylan Gotez with Cashing in the Chips

Phillip Longworth with Tin Can Tucker

Laurel Maffott with  A Certain Attraction

Katie McCoy with Tin Can Tucker

Emily Pallas with Always Ben Invited

Samantha Pallas with My Little Pony

Amy Parent with Its good to be back

Breezy Parent with Camelots Picasso

Holly Reed with Rockin Rhythm

Tracy Reed with Kool Krymsun Kandi

AJ Rich with Willow’s Wayward Star

Amy Rogers with Ziprageous Lite

Jenna Rogers with Hilfiger Im Dazzling

Mikayla Wilber with Styled N Deefined