About Invy Star

AQHA Name: Invy Star

Barn Name: PoliInvy Star and Erin

1999 Bay Stallion

16 hands

By: Invitation Only x Salty Starlette by Deck of Stars

Invy Star is as sweet as they come. He has a kind and gentle disposition with a big heart; he’s certainly not your average stallion. Poli enjoys being groomed & Invy Star with familybathed and loves finding tasty treats in his food bucket. This gentleman attends our local Fair letting everyone (including children) pet him for hours. Invy Star is also the star of the Fair parade where he walks alongside oxen, carriages being pulled by six mares (in heat), loud tractors, thousands of people cheering on, flashing lights and of course the Fair rides. He proudly walks through the Fair with loose reins without flinching!!  He is so well behaved at horse shows and always gets the blue ribbon! Invy Star is also used in our lesson program teaching young adults how to ride. We love traveling around with him and shocking everyone who meets him with his James-Bond-esque studliness (who produces beautiful foals.)

Invy Star is an All American Quarter Horse that is truly one of a kind.

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