Northwest Open Show on July 22, 2012

The following ladies/Phillip and horses attended the Northwest Open Show on July 22, 2012  in Fairfax, Vermont

Northwest Open Show Photos


Congratulations Everyone!

Zanna Branicki with My Kinda Guy

Jenni Browe with King

Becca Donaldson with Po

Susan Goetz with Cashing in the Chips

Ashley Hislop with Always Ben Invited

Aimee Lemieux The Perfect Surprise

Phillip Longworth with Tin Can Tucker

Jen Oliver with Preferred Moments

Emily Pallas with The Perfect Surprise

Samantha Pallas with Tin Can Tucker

Kelsey Reed with Styled N Deefined

Katelyn Rosenberger with Tin Can Tucker

Mikayla Wilber with Carmel Crunch