MassQHA AQHA Spring Show – May 8 -11, 2014

The following people and horses attended the MassQHA AQHA Spring Show –May 8 -11,  2014  in Northampton, Massachusetts

Click here to view photos of the show (photos coming soon)


Congratulations Everyone!Colton helping out


Zanna Branicki with The Big Country

Annie Desautels with Promise Kept

Dylan Goetz with Cashing in the Chips

Erin Longworth with Artzietza

Erin Longworth with Art I Unique

AJ Rich with Willow’s Wayward Star

Tracy Reed with Rockin Rhythm

Amy Rogers with  Ziprageous Lite

Jenna Rogers with Hilfiger Im Dazzling

Mikayla Wilber with Styled N Deefined