Adoption information for Goliath

Are you interested in adopting me? 

This is the forever home I require:

  • You will have no children – I am an older pup and I don’t really have the patience for children.
  • No other dogs – they make me nervous.
  • I do not like being left alone for too long – I have separation anxiety and will pace around with worry and fear.
  • You must have experience with large dogs – I counter surf, drool a lot, eat a lot and I take up an entire couch. Can you handle that?
  • You must love me, feed me, spoil me and take care of me until I cross over the Rainbow Bridge.
I have been through a lot over the past 5 years and I do deserve the very best. I am a great dog with a lot of love to give to the right person. I deserve to have a chance at being happy, safe, fed and loved.
Is that person you?
Can you give me a happy life?
My foster Mom’s have to keep me for the next 30-45 days to ensure I gain at least half of the weight that I need. I should weigh 180 pounds but I only weigh 105 pounds. They are learning more about me every day so my requirements may change in the future.



Please ask yourself these questions before you contact my foster Mom’s:

  1. Will you have the patience for me?
  2. Do you have the resources to take care of me?
  3. Will you bring me to the Vet when I need to go?
  4. Will you love me no matter what?
  5. Will you keep me safe?
  6. Will you keep me forever? 
  7. Do you plan on giving me the life that I deserve?
I am so blessed and incredibly thankful for my two foster Mom’s. If they didn’t save me, it would have only been a matter of time before I crossed the Rainbow Bridge way too soon.
I will not be leaving their care until they meet you, your family, and they will be visiting your home to do a home check.
They promised me that they would make sure I go to a home that we all approve of.
Is that person you?
Please only contact my Foster Mom’s through email –
please include Goliath in the subject line.

No phone calls please.