Goliath update – January 15, 2013

We just returned from the Milton Veterinary Hospital for Goliath’s check-up.  He is heart worm free, his urine, heart and lungs look good so far. We will get the results from the blood panel Thursday.

Thanks again everyone for the well wishes and the donations.

You can also make a donation directly to the Milton Veterinary Hospital; he is listed under West View Stables.

To make a food donation he is eating Blue Seal Pork and Barley that we get from Oliver Seed.

Current weight is 105 lbs

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Donations for Goliath

Special thanks to Jenni Browe and Laurel Moffet for donating funds to help with Goliath

Ashley Jolley for donating the clothes and Susan Goetz and family for donating food.


We are heading to the vet and will keep everyone updated on our special friend.


Thank you again, we greatly appreciate the love and support. 


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We need your HELP!

ELPH friends and family we need your HELP!  

We were asked to help this poor little (big) guy and just couldn’t say no. He is a 5 year old Great Dane who’s Vermont owner starved him. He is being fostered at ELPH until we can find him a forever home.

He is a very sweet dog and he is getting along well with Lindsay’s two dogs. He is going to the vet tomorrow for a swollen leg and a check up.

We are asking for donations to help with food and vet costs.

Thank you everyone!!